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Maskne: Reduce The Chance of Developing Acne From Wearing Your Face Mask

Maskne: Reduce The Chance of Developing Acne From Wearing Your Face Mask

Acne around the lower half of the face from wearing a face mask, better known as ‘maskne’. We are seeing an increase in this because wearing a face mask is now mandatory to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.

So, what causes it? Well, there are multiple factors. Humidity, friction, bacteria, dirt & makeup inside the mask all contribute and create the perfect environment on your skin for acne to develop.

We are here to give you some tips on reducing the chance of developing maskne this Summer.

Be consistent with your Synergie skincare routine.

It’s easy to think you can skip a few steps here and there because “half your face is covered anyway”, but sticking to your routine is more important than ever if you’re wearing a mask.

For example, you may think you can get away with not wearing your ÜberZinc, but our bestselling moisturiser is far more than just physical solar protection. It is rich in antioxidants to protect your skin against free radical damage, calms skin redness, promotes healing & minimises excess oil flow and breakouts. A must for all skin types.

Only wear high-quality mineral makeup such as Synergie Minerals®.

Most foundations products contain harmful ingredients such as silicones, alcohols, fragrances, parabens & comedogenic (clogging) ingredients. Switch these out for a protective high-quality mineral makeup from Synergie Minerals®. This cosmeceutical mineral makeup range is formulated to benefit your skin. It is truly a functional makeup range that completes your daily skincare regimen.

Wash your mask (& your face).

Remember that single-use masks are only intended to be worn for 4-8hrs, and reusable masks should be washed when dirty, or at least once a day in hot water (60°C).

Just like washing your mask, it is also important to remember to wash your face. Cleanse your skin before & after wearing your mask to remove any built-up dead skin cells, oil and dirt that would otherwise make your mask dirty. We recommend using a clean reusable facial cloth with your cleanser to gently exfoliate and help remove makeup and surface impurities. Our Synergie cleansers come with a complimentary Gentle X-fol Cloth to boost your cleansing routine and achieve clean, polished skin.

Suppose it’s too late and you have already started to develop maskne. Well, in that case, we highly recommend chatting with one of our Dermal Therapists from The Jade Cosmetic & Wellness Clinic. They can recommend a wide range of treatments to you and formulate a plan to bring your skin back to optimal health.

To book a skin consultation call (07) 4041 0067.


Sara Robb

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Sara Robb
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Sara is a multi-talented, passionate creative, and qualified Beauty Therapist. After nearly a decade working as a Skin Therapist, Sara became a qualified marketing & design professional and is the content writer, designer and beauty blogger for Pure Synergie Skin Store.


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